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Posted by catherine on March 26, 2010 at 6:01 PM

My 98 year old mother is being badly let down by the medical profession. She was admitted to hospital, confused and unable to move her legs. The hospital discharged her telling my family that test results were clear and she was safe to be sent home. She was dropped off by ambulance and needed to use the bathroom straight away - I was horrified to see that she couldn't walk with her frame because her right leg was dragging. I called the doctor and he had her readmitted for a knee x-ray (which wasn't done!!) I found out by chance she had a fractured pelvis!!!!

It is a very long story but in essence they discharged a 98 yr old who couldn't even manage to use the bathroom, told us they discharged her because family said 'she always walks that way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' etc. etc.

She is now back in hospital and I had to hunt for her glasses case (which also holds her hearing aids) It turned out the nurse had put them on a box on the wall, which is almost 6ft off the floor and my mum is only 4ft 8in.

There is a lot more to the story but I can't say too much at this minute. It is horrible to think that when a person needs help most they are being treated the way they are. Only today, a mentally ill lady started stripping off, I panicked and told the nurse (who was on the phone) she looked and dismissed me with ' I will see to it in a minute'. I was panicking and raised my hands in the air, saying, ' there are visitors here' It was only at that point that she left the phone, very angrily, and pulled a curtain around the poor soul

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