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Thomas Curran contributed a very interesting post on our Guestbook, regarding Bee Venom Therapy but I felt it deserved a page of it's own as many people don't read the guestbook. The theory revolves around Bee Venom Therapy, BVT or Apitherapy as it is sometimes known. Apparently the bee venom produces the best results in medical conditions if it comes from a live bee and is taken during the pollen season.

Thomas has suffered tremors in both thumbs for fifteen years. His tremor is familial as his mother also had it for most of her years. Around 4 years ago he was stung by a bee on his hand, near to his right thumb. After a few days of pain he discovered that the tremor had completely subsided in the hand that had been stung by the bee and he remains tremor free in that hand to this day.

Thomas decided to treat his left hand with bee venom and although he is taking it slowly he is impressed with the results as he can now hold a phone in that hand while dialling with the thumb.

The idea of bee venom to treat various ailments may not be as far fetched as it sounds. My mother is 97 years old and I have memories of her speaking about how bee and snake venom were commonly used as treatments for various illnesses. Leeches were also used around the same time and there has been a resurgence of the treatment in treating diseased tissue such as is found in Gangrene and Necrotising Fasciitis (flesh eating disease)

Bee Venom, or Apitherapy is used to treat conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis and autoimmune diseases. Bee Venom has an active ingredient called Melittin, which is thought to have anti inflammatory properties plus it also has around 18 more components which are thought to have a beneficial effect on increasing Cortisol production. Cortisol is produced by the Adrenal gland and is also known as the 'stress hormone'

A person can have Anaphylaxis without even realising. Bee stings cause swelling, discomfort and pain in most people but some suffer a particularly bad reaction to their first sting. If the person is truly allergic they can go into Anaphylactic Shock on being stung a second time. If Bee Venom Therapy was to be considered the person would have to make sure they were not allergic to bee venom prior to starting