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Beta Blockers / Propranolol Medication

Beta Blockers
Beta Blockers are commonly used as a first line defense against E.T. As stated previously, my benign essential tremor is controlled by the use of Beta Blockers, namely, Propranolol medication. Beta Blockers, although excellent at controlling symptoms in the majority of tremor patients, do not work for everyone and if you find this to be the case ask for your prescription to be changed. Controlling tremors can be a case of trial and error.

Propranolol is a beta blocker medication used to treat tremors, chest pain (angina) to control a fast heart rate caused by over active thyroid gland, irregular heart beats (palpitations) to prevent additional heart attack in a patient who has already suffered a heart attack, to prevent bleeding in patients with high blood pressure, to reduce high blood pressure and to provide a calming effect in people who have anxiety. The pills come in four strengths - 10mg., 40mg., 80mg., or 160mg. Personally, my Propranolol dosage is currently at 20mg. 3x per day but as the tablets do not come in 20mg. my prescription is 2x 10mg. 3 times per day.

Is Propranolol Safe
There was a scare regarding the use of Propranolol medication but this did seem to subside rather rapidly. As is so often the case the media seemed to get hold of a story and blow it out of all proportion. In a few cases the use of Propranolol may be unsafe whilst taking certain other prescription drugs, however, your physician will have been aware of your medical history prior to prescribing Propranolol, but if you have any doubts a quick consultation should ease your worries. There are very few people who cannot tolerate the use of Propranolol.

Before taking this beta blocker prescription drug it is advised to inform your medical practitioner if any of the following applies -
Are pregnant or trying for a baby
Are diabetic
Are allergic to any ingredients used in the manufacture of Propranolol
If you have angina, heart or blood vessel disease
Low blood pressure
Irregular heart rhythm
High blood pressure caused by tumour near to the kidney
Kidney or liver disease
Asthma or wheezing
Taking other medicines such as adrenaline, anaesthetics, clonidine, anti arrythmic agents, calcium channel blockers, digitalis glycosides, chlorpromazine, cimetidine, ergotamine, dihydroergotamine, hydralazine, indomethacin, insulin and any drugs you may be taking which can be bought without a prescription.

Possible Side Effects
Although Propranolol is well tolerated, as with any medicine, it may cause possible side effects in some patients. Possible side effect may include - 
A feeling of nausea
Cold extremities
Sleep disturbance
Dry, flaking skin
Hair loss
Mood changes
Slow heart rate
Stomach upsets
Visual disturbances
Skin rash
Dry eyes

Propranolol may, on rare occasions alter the numbers and type of blood cells, which may give cause to increased nose bleeds, bruising, infections and sore throats.

If you should experience any of the above while taking Propranolol it is advisable to consult your medical practitioner.