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Cause Of Essential Tremor

What Causes Essential Tremor?
Everyone has some degree of tremor during normal movement which can become worse through stress, smoking, anger or fear but Benign Essential Tremor differs in that it is always present when moving the affected body part against gravity and is very noticible. Although the exact cause of Essential Tremor is unknown there have been found to be similarities amongst sufferers and ongoing research is being done to find if there are neurochemical or brain abnormalities which might be common to all sufferers of E.T. New research suggests there may be a disfunction of the cerebellum, a part of the brain involved in controlling and regulating muscle movements. Many people have a mild form of Essential Tremor throughout their lives which doesn't interfere with their normal day to day functioning. The likelihood of developing essential tremor increases with age, however it can be present from childhood or develop in early adulthood.

Tremors and uncontrollable shaking can start at any age and many factors are known to worsen the intensity of a tremor, namely fatigue, stress, anxiety, hunger, heat or cold. Alcohol is known to inhibit the tremor but alcohol should never be used as a means to control the tremor as it can lead on to the slippery slope of alcohol addiction or dependance



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