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Benign Essential Tremor - The Essential Facts

Essential Tremor in Children

Can Children Develop Essential Tremor
Benign Essential Tremor is more often thought of as an adult onset illness, however essential tremor can start in early childhood and can also take the form of brief shuddering or shivering type spells from early infancy. Children with tremor generally cope well until they reach school age, school bringing a variety of problems such as being singled out  , having writing difficulties and/or a reluctance to join in class discussions due to embarassment . The illness, although one of the most common movement disorders is relatively unheard of in the general community which is one of the reasons it is important to inform the child's school of their problem. I find that people make fun of us because they have never heard of Essential Tremor and are most probably embarrassed when confronted by someone who has shaking hands and/or head. Every parent with a child who has E.T. can do their bit to educate people from a very young age by asking their child's class teacher if they can give a talk to the class. Once a child, or even an adult, understands a problem it is no longer seen as a threat and the whispering and laughing stops.

Cause Of Tremor In Children
There can be many causes of childhood tremor such as medication, Dystonia, etc. which is why a parent of a child who shows signs of a tremor should ask to have them evaluated by a neurologist, especially if anyone else in the family has the same symptoms. Essential Tremor can be hereditary and a parent with Essential Tremor has a 50% chance of passing it on to their offspring.

Medication For Children
If the child has a tremor which causes problems with writing, holding cutlery or performing everyday tasks they can be treated with the same medication used to control tremor in adults, usually beta blockers