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I sincerely hope you have enjoyed visiting this website and have found it to be informative. I aim to make as many people as possible aware of Benign Essential Tremor, hopefully with the result that people will no longer stare or laugh when they come across someone who has ET, instead they will understand that we have a medical condition.

I have a programme on this site which informs me daily of what a visitor has searched for in order to find the website and I find it so sad when I see someone has typed in ' why does my head shake up and down' or 'why do I shake uncontrollably in the morning' People are obviously still scared to visit their physician as the first thing they think of is Parkinsons. A small website like this can help raise public awareness of ET if it's visitors share their experiences of this condition.

If, after viewing this website, you would like to contact me privately as opposed to posting on the forum with any questions or problems you may have regarding tremor, please feel free to email me. I am always happy to be of as much assistance as I possibly can and if there is a question I don't have the answer to I will do my best to find out

Catherine Nikiperowicz