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As you all know it is extremely difficult to find any detailed information on Benign Essential Tremor and I feel that this website provides a comprehensive explanation of the condition. The website receives no funding or grants of any kind and relies on me funding all aspects of it myself.  You will be aware that most people have never heard of our condition and that situation will never change until we can make them aware of it. We are all doing an excellent job by visiting the site and contributing to the forum but I am sure you will understand that it does take time and money to keep this site going and growing. The forum needs checked every morning and all spam posts have to be removed as most of them are from spammers promoting porn websites and I wouldn't want our website becoming sullied by such posts.

The main benefit to myself has been the lovely emails I have received from people who have realised they are not alone after reading through the site. It really warms my heart to know I have helped someone come to terms with this embarrassing condition. I answer every single email so always check your junk folder if you think I haven't replied to your email.

Any donation, no matter how small  is always greatly appreciated and I will always email the person who has donated to thank them personally (so long as an email address is supplied)

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