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Primidone (Mysoline)

What Is Primidone
Primidone or Mysoline, is more commonly used as an anticonvulsant drug to treat Epilepsy and other associated disorders. However, it is also often used in the treatment of tremor. Primidone or Mysoline is effective at treating tremor in some patients, but as with all drugs, it is a case of trial and error to find the appropriate drug for the patient and some people with tremor may not respond to Primidone

Primidone and Propranolol are both equally favoured amongst the medical community in the treatment of tremor. In severe tremor Primidone and Propranolol may be used together.

  • Possible Side Effects Of Primidone
    As with other prescription medicines, Primidone can cause side effects which can include -
    Hyper activity
    Impaired motor functions
    Loss of appetite

Anyone experiencing any of the above symptoms while taking Primidone/ Mysoline should inform their physician

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