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Multiple Sclerosis Tremor

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Does MS Manifest As Tremor
Multiple Sclerosis (MS) can also manifest occasional tremors. The two types of tremors involved in MS are 'intention tremor and postural tremor'. Multiple Sclerosis tremors are very similair to those involving ET.

Intention Tremor
Intention tremor is a result of reaching for an object only to find your hand starts shaking, in other words, making an intentional movement

Postural Tremor
Postural Tremor occurs whilst sitting or standing and the body starts shaking as a result of moving a part of the body against the forces of gravity, e.g stooping forward, raising the hand to lift an object etc..

Cause Of Tremor In Multiple Sclerosis
Almost all cases of tremor associated with Multiple Sclerosis is caused by damage or demyelination to a part of the brain called the cerebellum or the nerves leading away from it. The cerebellum is the part of the brain which deals with balance and co-ordination, therefore, any damage to this area will cause problems with tremor and related movement disorders. Our nerves are covered by a fatty protective sheath called myelin and when the myelin sheath becomes damaged through Multiple Sclerosis, or other disorders, plaques or lesions form. Once demyelination (breaking down of myelin) occurs the nerves no longer have the ability to pass signals to each other and the result is a movement disorder.
Tremor in MS can also be caused by demyelination in the thalamus (part of the brain which relays sensory information or input) or demyelination of the basial ganglia (clusters of nerve cells in the brain which deals with motor control etc.)

Will A Tremor Associated With MS Go Away
Multiple Sclerosis patients can experience tremor in stages of relapse and the tremor may subside of its own accord or be treated by prescription drugs, however, MS patients should be aware that the tremor may, in some case, remain throughout the course of the lifetime. Val Moffat discovered a very unique way to deal with the illness..... To learn the unique methods Val employed Click Here!

*It is extremely important for anyone experiencing repeated, uncontrollable tremor, to consult a neurologist to have their symptoms professionally diagnosed.


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