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Benign Essential Tremor - The Essential Facts

What Causes Shaky Hands or a Nodding Head?

What Causes Uncontrollable Shaking in The Body?
You May Be Surprised To Learn It Could Be Caused By A Relatively Unknown Condition Called Essential Tremor

Tremors can be caused by a variety of reasons but most people stumble across this site by searching for one of the following - causes of uncontrolable shaking, morning tremor, head nodding up and down, head shaking from side to side, hand tremor, body tremor, jaw tremor or even thumb tremor.  

 Our automatic reaction when we develop a tremor is to fear the worst but shakiness can be caused by a relatively unknown condition called Benign Essential Tremor, other names for the same condition are Familial Tremor, Hereditary Tremor or Essential Tremor.

Essential Tremor is embarrassing and distressing but, here at Essential Tremor Info, we aim to help and inform anyone who has been diagnosed or concerned that their tremor is caused by something more sinister to come to a better understanding of the condition and help with medical and alternative solutions.

Could Your Shaking Be Due To Benign Essential Tremor?
1. Do your hands shake uncontrollably while lifting things or performing strenuous tasks ?

2. Does your head shake either from side to side (no-no motion) or up and down (yes-yes motion)?

3. Do either your head or hands shake while performing every day tasks? i.e applying cosmetics, shaving, answering the telephone, writing, working on your computer etc. ?

4. Is your tremor at its worst on wakening ?

5. Does a small amount of alcohol reduce the severity of the tremor ?

6. Does anyone else in your family have a history of tremor ?

7. Did your tremor begin or become noticibly worse around the age of 40 ?

8. Does your head shake from side to side or up and down?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then you may have Benign Essential Tremor - an easily controlled, but as yet incurable, medical condition

Please take the time to read through this website. I developed a tremor and spent years of worry before I eventually sought medical help.  Once I discovered that very little is known about Essential Tremor I realised that I should spend time developing a website and hope that the least I can do is to help people come to terms with this socially embarrassing and slowly progressive illness

If you like this site and find it informative please feel free to sign the guestbook or/ and post a message on the Forum. Your input to this site would be very much appreciated as my aim is to make this one of the most informative and helpful sites on the subject of E.T.

Also remember to pass the link for this site on to any of your friends and family who have told you that you are 'just a nervous person' or 'over sensitive' etc. 

A Paypal button has been included on this page for anyone who would like to donate to help with the running costs of this site but please read through the site first and then come back to the Home page if you would like to make a donation. Please be aware the donation will be used to run and improve this site.




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