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Bowen Therapy
A few people have reported some degree of relief by means of alternative therapies. One such alternative therapy or holistic treatment is the Bowen Technique, Bowen Therapy or NST, to quote some of the commonly known names by which the Bowen Technique is known. Bowen Therapy is an alternative therapy  used to treat a wide range of conditions. Although E.T is not specifically mentioned as being treatable by the Bowen Technique it does seem to help the situation and I guess only time will tell if there is any lasting relief.
At this date I haven't tried this holistic treatment myself. If any of our visitors have tried the Bowen Technique please feel free to email me with your experience and I will include it on this page, with your permission.

What is the Bowen Technique
The Bowen Technique, or Bowen Therapy as it is sometimes known as is a gentle holistic therapy which is used to treat a variety of disorders. The therapist will use the thumbs and fingers in relaxing, rolling movements on precise parts of the body

How is the Bowen Technique administered
The practitioner of the Bowen Technique will massage muscles, ligaments and tendons in an effort to reduce tension and stress and so equip the body to heal itself naturally. The therapist will leave the room during the session, this is to give the body time to adjust. During the rest time the body will decide how to deal with the change . The therapist will be able to adjust treatment according to how the body reacts

What are the effects
The release of stress and tension are claimed to increase circulation of blood, improve lymphatic circulation and aid in a healthier nerve supply

Why would the Bowen Technique help with E.T
Bowen Therapy is said to release stored energy in the body and promote a healthier nerve supply. The treatment sends signals to the brain to begin the healing process

The Bowen Technique was developed by a quiet, unassuming Australian called Tom Bowen. Bowen was an industrial chemist who first developed his technique with animals in the 1950's. He then progressed to treating humans with his self taught technique and was said to have treated 13,000 patients in one year at his clinic with an 80 - 90% success rate. During his lifetime Tom Bowen only taught his technique to six trusted assistants 

Other names for the Bowen Technique
The Bowen Technique is also referred to as Bowen Therapy, Fascial Kinetics, NST and Vibro Muscular Therapy.

Is it safe
The Bowen Technique is so gentle it can even be used on babies

How much will a session cost
A 50 minute to one hour session should cost around $60 - $100 (£30 - £50)

Are there any side effects
After a Bowen treatment it is common to experience an initial worsening of symptoms, headache, joint stiffness, tiredness and flu like symptoms. Sessions should definately be continued as this is a sign that the treatment is working

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Product Description
Complete Nerve is a powdered, comprehensive neurovascular support formula that provides nutrients that have been shown to improve blood and oxygen supply to the brain, potentially improving brain function. Complete Nerve provides general nutrition, precursors for the formation of L-dopa and dopamine, support for the generation of neurotransmitters, support of healthy emotional responses, increased neuromuscular control and support against oxidative degeneration of central neurons. Degenerative neurological functioning and brain chemistry may influence motor function and movement control and muscle tension.

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