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Parkinsons Disease

Do I Have Parkinsons Or Benign Essential Tremor?
Although Parkinson's Disease and Benign Essential Tremor have some similarities in that they both display as uncontrollable shaking, the two illnesses are very different but both fall into the category of movement disorders. I know, from experience, that once the shaking begins to interfere with your daily routine, the first thought is that you may have Parkinson's Disease. Parkinson's is a much less common illness than Essential Tremor but Parkinson's Disease is more widely understood within the general population. 

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Both illnesses do cause shaking of the hands but in Essential Tremor the shaking is worse on using the hands, whereas, with Parkinson's the shake is at it's worst when the hands are resting and, in fact, Parkinson's Disease can be differentiated by the tendency of Parkinson's sufferers to a pill rolling motion, that is to say, the movement is compared to rolling a small pill between the thumb and index finger.

Symptoms Of Parkinsons
Tremor When At Rest
Rigid Movement
Balance Problems
Shuffling Movement When Walking
Forward Stoop
Lack Of Facial Expression
Freezing when Trying To Move

Winning The Battle
I found an excellent e-book which offers advice and tips on how to reduce the severity of Parkinson's. For further info Click Here!

Who Is Affected Most
Parkinson's disease is prevalent in every nation with men more commonly affected than women.

Cause Of Parkinsons Disease
Parkinson's is the result of loss of Dopamine cells in the brain. It may be that the Dopamine cells are affected by an abnormal accumulation of a protein substance called alpha-synuclein, again this is found in Essential Tremor patients.

Is There A Cure
At this time there is no actual cure for Parkinson's although medicine, or even surgery can help reduce the symptoms, the most commonly prescribed drug being L-dopa.

Famous People With Parkinsons
Throughout history there have been many famous sufferers of Parkinson's Disease. Michael J Fox has set up the Michael J Fox Foundation to try to find a cure for the illness by the end of the decade. Muhammad Ali also suffered from Parkinson's as did Salvador Dali and Vincent Price.


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