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Benign Essential Tremor - The Essential Facts

Dave Sutton, Artist


Dave Sutton is an inspiration to all of us suffering from Essential Tremor. Dave lives in Borough Green, Kent, U.K., along with his wife Dot, and is the animator and webmaster for Sevenoaks Art a website which offers free animations and gifs, all designed by Dave and Dot.

I met Dave through a forum we were both on and he expressed an interest in this site. Dave explained that he started having tremors in his hands from around age 40 and after suffering a viral infection things rapidly progressed, which was a great worry to both him and his wife. After a visit to a neurologist, he was diagnosed with Essential Tremor, which was a devatating blow to Dave at the time because he felt his life as an artist would come to an end. A spell of mild depression followed while trying to come to terms with this diagnosis and trying to figure out where his future path would lead.

However, after a brief spell of worry and insecurity, Dave decided he would not be beaten by this debilatating illness, and with support and help from his wife, Dot, Dave progressed into computer graphics which he found a lot easier to control than the fine artwork he previously employed.

It is obvious from visiting Dave's site Sevenoaks Art that Dave loves his work and puts much time and effort into it. His animations are as varied as they are excellent in quality and yet Dave offers them all for free for anyone who wishes to use them.

When visiting the site be sure to check out his 'Links and Things' page as each link makes interesting reading. I was particularly interested in the page about his late brother, John Sutton, a respected medium until his untimely passing in 1974.