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I received an email asking if I would direct members/visitors of this site to a survey regarding a correlation between Essential Tremor and headaches, anxiety and or depression. I took part in the survey this morning and found it interesting and fun. The survey is being conducted by an undergraduate student, Shahram Eskandary, York University, Toronto Canada and is being overseen by Dr. Paul Kohn of the same university.

Please take a few minutes to fill in the survey as in the long run the findings will help us all

Below is a transcript from the email

 Depression, Anxiety and Comorbidity of Headaches in Essential Tremor
 This study is aimed at measuring the frequency and type of headaches suffered
by individuals who are diagnosed with essential tremor/depression and/or
anxiety. It is a correlational study, attempting to illuminate any pattern or
relations between the ailments and headaches on one hand and predispositional
or already developed mood disorders on the other. The questionnaire consists
of yes/no items and scale ratings that will take approximately 15 minutes to