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Benign Essential Tremor Info

Will The Tremor Get Worse?

I am always asked if Essential Tremor will worsen with age and my only answer is that it is described as a 'slowly progressing condition'. Being diagnosed with E.T., in essence, means that the condition will progress as we get older but in most cases it will progress slowly over many years.

Even though E.T. is described as being progressive it still doesn't mean that it will cause a problematic lifestyle as many people who have a mild form of Essential Tremor will live out their whole life without it causing too many problems.

As an example, I have had shaky hands from when I was very little but at age 45 my head tremor started. I would say my head tremor then progressed at quite an advanced rate but if you take into consideration the fact that it took 45 years to develop in the first place then it would fit in with it being 'slowly progressive'.

Most elderly people have some degree of tremor and it is commonly thought to be a side effect of getting older but the Mayo Clinic have reported that age tremor is more likely to be Essential Tremor. 

As we get older out tremor frequency will probably decrease but the amplitude of the tremor will increase, i.e. it may become more difficult to perform fine motor tasks such as doing up buttons, fitting a key in a lock etc.